Beginning Meditation Class
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Beginning Meditation Class
Beginning Meditation Class

Human beings are pattern recognition experts.

We see our personal patterns, and as our wisdom grows, we see the great patterns of the world, of nature and of human nature. In Buddhism, the word Dharma refers to these great universal truths.

Our personal patterns may be skillful or unskillful. As our mindfulness grows, we develop a capacity to hold the truth about ourselves. We see our patterns with more than just our intellect. We really sit with who we are. We may find addictive patterns, to food, drugs, alcohol, television, shopping, or relationships. We may notice patterns of disassociating when things get too close to home. Some of us, by virtue of the personality we were born with, are more prone to patterns of fear or to patterns of anger.

All of us have patterns of suffering. We can see cause and effect, how we inherit our own actions, skillful or unskillful. This is the lesson of Karma.

It is a great, if painful gift to see our unskillful patterns, to hold them without judgement and to have the opportunity to develop patterns of self acceptance and confidence and kindness to ourselves.

In this endeavor we are assisted by our growing understanding of the great patterns of nature and human nature. We see the universality of suffering, and through our mindulfness, we see that there is a way out of suffering. With this knowledge comes a peace that is truly our own. It doesn't fluctuate with the stock market, or our relationships, or our moods, or the weather. Even at the moment of death, we know we have something to rely on. Mindfulness truly takes us to the deathless.

It is a great comfort to know this strength, and it is a great motivation to continue with the practice of meditation.


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