Beginning Meditation Class
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Beginning Meditation Class
Beginning Meditation Class

Extend your meditation this week to 35 minutes.

Notice your thoughts during the day. Notice the stories that you tell yourself, and question if they are true. See if you can trace the monkey mind back through the branches. Notice different mind states that may arise, for example sometimes you may be in a concentrated state, and other times you may be in a more distracted state.

A really great exercise to do is to pick something you do everyday, such as make coffee, or push open the door to your office building, or pick up your child from school, or walk the dog. Specifically use this time to remember to be mindful of what is going on. If you can, and it may be too difficult at first, pick "every time the phone rings," or "every time I stop for a red light in the car." These situations may not be as neutral, so they may offer more oppportunity to investigate negative emotions.

Once you have remembered to be awake, then watch your thinking. What is going on in your mind. Let the observer watch and notice. Building a strong observer is an important part of becoming mindful.

During the next days, notice the types of things you think about the most. Are your thoughts very critical, of yourself and others? Do you fantasize a lot, or are you constantly planning? Once you have planned the same thing more than once, what do you think is really going on? What are your usual states of mind?





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