Beginning Meditation Class
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Beginning Meditation Class
Beginning Meditation Class

They say it takes eight weeks to make a habit. This course will take you through the first five of those weeks. Sit each day for 20 minutes, watching your breath. Many people like to sit first thing in the morning because they are more alert at that time, and so that they can enjoy the benefits of the meditation throughout the day. Others prefer to sit at the end of the work day, before beginning evening activities, to refresh themselves and leave the work day behind.

It is very helpful if you can set aside a space in your home to meditate. Arrange pillows, blankets, candles, flowers, anything that helps you to come to meditation with a sense of purpose and enjoyment. Some people cannot set aside a specific place, as they live with others or just don't have the space. You can meditate anywhere if you are determined! But if you can create a beautiful space for yourself, that is very useful.

Whatever your preferences for time and place, do sit once each day. This practice will change things for you. As you watch your breath and whatever arises, you will develop the habit and the ability to be non-reactive. In your daily life you will be able to respond to what comes up rather than react to it choicelessly.

Here is an exercise to try this week:

Pick an activity that you do every day, such as brushing your teeth or making coffee, or just pushing open a certain door, or waiting at a certain red light while driving to work, or waiting in line at the supermarket. Let that activity remind you to wake up and be mindful. Try to be mindful throughout the time of that particular activity or occurence. The idea of meditation is not just to be mindful during formal practice, but to bring mindfulness into our daily lives.


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