Beginning Meditation Class
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Beginning Meditation Class
Beginning Meditation Class

The practice of meditation that we are going to learn is called vipassana or Insight Meditation. This practice comes from the traditions of the Buddha. It is not Zen Buddhism, nor is it Tibetan Buddhism. These (and other Buddhist traditions) arose later in history as Buddhism spread over Asia. But vipassana is the original form of meditation practice developed by the Buddha himself, in India 2,500 years ago. Vipassana means "insight." Over time, as you continue to meditate, you will experience insights--flashes of understanding that can be life-changing. That is why it is called Insight or vipassana meditation.

Discussion of Mindfulness of Breathing
Guided Meditation (mp3 audio, 21 minutes)
Further Steps
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A Note: It is recommended that you don't read books about meditation while you are taking this course. We want you to have your own personal and unique experiece with meditation, especially in the beginning. Reading about other people's experiences can sometimes take away from this. At the end of the last lesson there is a recommened reading list. At that point you can read all you like!



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